STAR manages two SA domiciled unit trust funds (Collective Investment Schemes). They are both multi-asset funds one in the ASISA low equity category, Star Prime Stable Fund and the other in the ASISA high equity category Star Prime Balanced Fund. Following our investment philosophy each fund aims to deliver the best risk adjusted returns in their respective ASISA category, while reliably achieving their stated investment returns in absolute terms. We aim to provide high Sortino ratios over all investment periods and high Sharpe ratios over the ideal investment term of each fund. Both funds are Regulation 28 compliant and as such are suitable for all pre and post retirement fund investments such as Retirement Annuities, Preservation Funds, Pension and Provident Funds and Living Annuities. The funds are also approved for Tax Free Savings accounts as they have no performance fee elements. The funds are listed on several LISP’s including Allan Gray; Ninety One; Old Mutual; Glacier and Stanlib. Please contact us for further information.

Star Prime Stable Fund

Star Prime Balanced Fund